The Mother of All Butt Plugs


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Product Description


Aluminum Butt Plugs are light weight and functional. These pieces are hand-turned to perfection, then polished to give a mirror-like finish.  Just like anything good, they are made when ordered, not just sitting on the shelf waiting.

This Plug is style named  The Mother Of All BUTT PLUGS for a reason. This beast weighs in at around 3Kgs (aprox 6lbs 4Oz) AND THAT’S THE SMALL ONE!!! This is nothing to be brushed off – this is a serious plug for experienced anal players. Unlike silicone plugs that have give and will squish a bit to allow you to get it in, this one does not.

Throw any thought of this being a cute plug out the window. This is a plug that you will love or hate, no in between.

This massive piece comes in 2 lengths – 6 and 10 inches for those who want to be filled to the brim and be stuffed full

Fully washable with soap and water.

All orders of Butt Plugs are final sale due to the nature of what they are.

Above prices include taxes.

(Product photo shows The Mother Of  All Butt Plugs compared to one of our regular size plugs)

This product contains metal. Those with metal allergies please exercise caution. These plugs are nickel free so they are safe to use with people with nickel allergies.

Terms and conditions apply to all purchases.

Additional Information

MOABP size

Medium – 6 inch insertable, Large – 10 inch insertable (add $67.80)


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